Stellenbosch Publishers

International Language Services and Linguistic Software

Welcome to Stellenbosch Publishers (

Stellenbosch Publishers is a company based in the Netherlands with professional co-workers in the Netherlands, South Africa and Germany, offering:

  • Academic proofreading and editing: specialsing in theses and papers written by non-English speakers
  • Translation services from Afrikaans and Dutch to English and vice versa, as well as from German to English (academic papers and medical reports)
  • On-line dictionaries: Afrikaans/English and German/English
  • Linguistic software: Afrikaans spelling checker and a thesaurus, installable dictionaries (Afrikaans/English and German/English) and a translation aid program

This website contains a free onl-ine Afrikaans Spellingchecker, a free on-line English-Afrikaans dictionary and an on-line English-German dictionary to which you can subscribe.

It also contains descriptions and manuals of the linguistic software developed by Stellenbosch Publishers namely: AeEaDict - a bilingual dictionary (Afrikaans/English), ProefLeser - an Afrikaans spelling checker, GrEAT - an Afrikaans Thesaurus and TextDynamika - an aid for translating between Afrikaans and English as well as between German - English

Our clients for our academic editing services inlude the University of St Gallen in Switserland, the University of Bocconi (Milan), the LMU University in Munich, the European Business School (ebs) in Germany and the Momentum Insurance Company in South Africa.